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Two wonderfully written books by our very own Mrs. Shanette Booker. Love, The Unspoken Words is a beautifully written book of poetry. Life Without My Spouse, is her journey into widowhood after the passing of her husband. Each book will signed and dated by Mrs. Booker. Read below for more details about both books.Love, The Unspoken Words is about the feelings of finding love, being in love, and losing love. It will take you on the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs as it tells of the heartache and pain and the happiness and joy associated with love. You will find poems of love and lust, affairs, broken hearts, and despair; a variety of the feelings and emotions that come to mind when we think of Love.Life Without My Spouse is written to give you a look and a better understanding of what widowhood is like. Shanette describes the different thoughts and emotions that widows and widowers deal with, and the changes that they face following the death of their spouses.Every widow and widowers' story is different, but they all share in the pain caused by the loss of their spouses. Life Without My Spouse gives a small look into that shared pain and the grief that comes with it. Shanette shares her personal and intimate thoughts and emotions from her journey, in hopes of helping others understand what life is like when a spouse dies.

Love and Life

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