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These bright pieces of Black Kyanite have all been treated with Titanium to give it a superb Iridescence like rainbow of purples, blues, greens, and yellows. 

Black Kyanite, is a stone of grounding energies,and it supports environmental healing. Black Kyanite is a great stone for attunements, meditation, and dream-work, by sending tranquil energy to the body, and it centers you in preparation for meditation. Black Kyanite assists with dream rememberance, pyschic connections, and intuitive energies.


Stones will be sent at random, color and size varies with all natural stone orders


All Happy Healings Serenity products are cleansed with Divine Light and Love, and then charged using Reiki Energy for its greatest good.

***Happy Healings Serenity are not therapists. We will NOT diagnosis you nor prescribe any forms/types of medication***

Titanium Plated Kyanite

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